Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors


Below are links to our Presentations/Seminars.  No video or audio is available.

Spring 2024

Adverse Possession and the Land Registration Act
Jane Gourley-Davis & Grace MacCormick
Patterson Law

Extent of Title - The Grey Area
Fred Hutchinson, BA, NSLS(Life), P.Surv.

Governance Committee
Raymond Pottier, NSLS

Nova Scotia Coordinate Referencing System
2024 Update
Lee Chaulk, P.Eng., NSLS, CLS
Senior Program Adniminstration Officer

Surveying Programs at COGS
Changes Over the Years and Challenges Moving Ahead
Kevin Lombard, P.Eng., NSLS, P.Surv. and Troy Greene, P.Eng.

ACLS Webinar

Reference System Modernization:Canadian plans and timelines
Brian Donahue and Catherine Robin
Canadian Geodetic Survey, Natural Resources Canada
ACLS Live Webinar, December 7, 2023

Spring 2023

Nova Scotia Coordinate Referencing System Updates
by Lee Chaulk, NSLS
Senior Program Adminstration Officer

Tools for Accessing the CLSR - Update
by Courtney Roddick & Anthony Mayaki

Observations, Ethics and Monumentation
by Andy DeCoste, NSLS (with Presenters Notes)
Practice Review Manager

Digital Signatures at Engineers NS
by Kris Dove & Eric Croteau

Employee Attractions & Retentions
by Simeon Roberts
ANSLS Executive Director

Spring 2022

Coastal Protection Act & Regulations
by John Somers, Executive Lead

Ordinary High Water Mark
(field procedures, plan preparation & natural boundaries)
by Ray Pottier, NSLS

Standards of Practice: Part 9
(what a file should look like & digital storage)

The Pincushion Effect
(where are we now?)
Compiled by Jody Isenor, NSLS, P.Eng.

October 2022

Coastal Protection Act
by John Somers, Executive Lead

Spring Seminar Feedback(Pincushion Effect)
Jody Isenor, NSLS, P.Eng.

Digital Signatures
Jody Isenor, NSLS, P.Eng.

Succession Planning
AC Belliveau Veinotte Inc.

Logan Wealth Management
Julie Brough, CFA, CFP
Executive Vice-President & Portfolio Manager