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The Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors' Professional Development Program (formerly MCE) is designed to encourage the attendance of practicing Nova Scotia Land Surveyors at seminars sponsored by the Association (or other professional associations), and to participate in other education and training opportunities to assist their professional development.  It is also designed to require the membership to take an active part in the various regular functions of the Association.  The Association further recognizes that the individual member's professional and personal development can be enhanced by one's involvement in activities other than those stated above.

The intent of the program is continuing education in our chosen profession, land surveying. The MPDP is designed so members acquire the majority of necessary points through Category 1 - Education and Training, and Category 2 - Association Participation.

Category 3 of the Professional Development Program was established to recognize "other activities" and their value to land surveyors' professional development, and to permit the acquisition of MPDP points by land surveyors through this involvement. These other activities include, but are not restricted to, land surveyors' participation in the affairs of their community (or the global community). These activities allow interaction with both the general public and members of other professional organizations, who strive to attain a common goal for the betterment of the community, and also the opportunity for land surveyors to interact with these other persons in an environment other than the purely professional relationship of land surveyor and client.


Mandatory Professional Development Program
(January 2014)


1.  Within this document PD shall mean Professional Development.

2.  PD Period (PDP) means the three-year points acquisition period identified in Section 3.1.

3.  Reporting Period is the calendar year for accumulating points.  See Sections 3.2 and 3.6.


The PD Program shall comprise the following categories of participation:

2.1  Category 1 - Education and Training

Professional development seminars and similar activities offered by professional organizations (ANSLS, APENS, etc.) and courses at recognized educational institutions (University, Community College, etc.).

2.2  Category 2 - Association Participation

Participation in association activities including but not limited to:

-   attendance at annual general meetings and special general meetings
-   attendance at zone meetings
-   service on Council and/or association committees

Members who participate in these types of association related activities will be awarded points towards their PD Program for these functions based on the Points System outlined in Section 4.4.  No function will qualify for points in more than one activity.

2.3       Category 3 - Other Activities

Activities that do not appear as specific items listed in Sections 2.1 and 2.2.


3.1  The PD Period shall be of a 3-year duration during which a member must acquire a minimum of 100 points, with a minimum of 20 points each year.

3.2  For purposes of the PD Point System, a reporting year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

3.3  New members are exempt for the year in which they receive their license.

3.4   The following persons are exempt from participating in the PD program:

-  Life Members who are not engaged in professional land surveying
-  Retired Members who do not wish to vote
-  Honorary Members
-  Candidate Members
-  Associate Members

3.5  Each member is responsible for keeping a record of their points for each reporting period.

3.6  The Professional Development Group shall prepare a standard Points Reporting Form, which will be forwarded to members with their annual invoice for dues.  This form is to be completed by the member and returned to the Association office on or before March 1st immediately following the year being reported.  It is recommended that proof of course completion, or other related information, in support of the points being claimed and submitted with the Points Reporting Form.

3.7  The association is required to keep a database of the PD Points accumulated by each member.  Upon request from a member at any time, the association shall provide the total of his or her accumulated points.


4.1  Any professional development course, seminar, function etc., whether survey related or not, will be considered by the Professional Development Group towards a member's PD Points.

4.2  Any professional development seminar organized by the Professional Development Group, or sponsored by another professional organization and endorsed by the Professional Development Group, will be eligible for PD Points.  The point value for these seminars will be included with the seminar notice or registration details which shall be generally between 5 and 15 points for a half day to a full day attendance.

4.3  Other seminars or courses for which a member applies, as credit towards their PD Program, will be converted into points depending on the number of hours of participation.  This conversion shall generally be:

Survey related:              1 hour  = 1 point
Non-Survey related:       4 hours = 1 point

NOTE: For consistency with Section 4.5.1, which limits the number of points per year, can be acquired by completion of full or part time courses offered by recognized educational institutions, such as Universities or Community Colleges. The maximum number of points which can be acquired through "in house" training by employers will also be limited to 20 points per year.

4.4  Points for Association Related Activities:
(Note:  Does not include attendance at seminars sponsored by the Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors.  See Section 4.2)

             PART I

           Annual General Meeting           15 points
           Special General Meeting           15 points
Zone Meeting                            5 points (maximum of three per year)

             PART II

                     Committees                  2 hours = 1 point
                     Council                         8 points per Council meeting
                     Monitor                        2 hours = 1 point
                     Presenters                    1 hour  =  4 points
                     Other                           As determined by Professional Development Group

NOTE: The set point value for Council meetings is to include all the Councillor's preparation time for the meetings and the time for organizing and chairing Zone meetings. The Councillor is eligible for the points for attending the Zone meetings.

4.4.1  A member must accumulate a minimum of 30 points under PART I of Section 4.4 during his or her 3-year MPD Period

4.4.2  A member may accumulate a maximum of 35 points per year for Association Related Activities.

4.4.3  A member may accumulate a maximum of 30 points per year under PART II of Section 4.4.
(Note: PART II does not include attendance at seminars sponsored by the Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors.  See Section 4.2)

4.5  Points for successful completion of full or part time courses offered by recognized educational institutions such as Universities or Community Colleges, or formal 'in-house training' offered by an employer, will be awarded by applying the conversions as per Section 4.3.

4.5.1  A member may accumulate a maximum of 20 points per year for courses, including 'in-house training' described in Section 4.5

4.6  Points that exceed the maximums may not be carried over into subsequent reporting periods or PD Periods.

4.7  The Professional Development Group realizes that there will be other activities that may qualify as credit towards the MPD Points that are not specifically dealt with in this program. Examples of activities that may be considered for PD Points are the writing of published articles or reports and attendance at other seminars, training sessions, community involvement (a member may accumulate a maximum of 10 points per year for community involvement), etc. In this case the Professional Development Group will allow a member to request in writing to the Professional Development Group for an assessment of the activity relative to the PD Program. The member must provide adequate information to the Professional Development Group for their assessment. The Professional Development Group will determine if such  activity is valid towards the PD Program, and if so, will assign a point value for such activity. To assure the point value, which will be assigned to an 'other' activity identified under Category 3 (see Section 2.3), it is recommended that the member request the assessment prior to partaking in the activity. The Professional Development Group will advise the requesting member, in writing, as to the findings of their assessment within 30 calendar days of receipt of the request. Members wishing to attain points under this section must forward information to the Professional Development Group for evaluation prior to the end of the reporting period.

4.8  The Council of the ANSLS and the Professional Development Group have an obligation to make opportunities for professional development readily and equally available, as they deem reasonable, to all members.


5.1  Failure to comply with the requirements of the Professional Development Program will result in the member being notified that the right to practice professional land surveying may be suspended as per the Professional Development By-Laws.

5.2  A participating member who may not be able to comply with the requirements of the PD Program because of health or other legitimate reasons may apply to the Professional Development Group for an exemption from the program for a specific time. The Professional Development Group shall review the request and make a recommendation to council for their decision.


MCE Program originally approved November 28, 2003, effective January 1, 2004.
Revisions approved by Council March 5, 2004.
Revisions approved by Council September 8, 2006, effective January 1, 2007.
MCE Program renamed Mandatory Professional Development Program (MPDP) effective January 1, 2014.