Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors



There are two types of forms provided below.  One is in PDF, which can be printed and filled out manually.
The other is an Excel file that you will need to download and save as your own, which we recommend.
Send to the Association by mail or email to  
If you are mailing your form, please remember to keep a copy of it for your own records.

NOTE: There is an Excel workbook with a 3 yr period/sheets to help you keep tabs on your total points. There are 3 Tabs on the bottom for each year.
The Excel forms have highlighted areas for the info/hrs to be entered in so it will calculate properly.  There are formulae embedded in the excel forms which will calculate the points based on the input data.
   Please submit the Excel form
after you've completed it. 
**The only forms that would need to be submitted as a PDF would be the hand written ones.**


MPD FORM (PDF - for hand written forms)

3 YR MPD FORMS  (Excel - 3 tabs for each year)
     (The Excel Forms are Locked and Protected)



There are two examples below.

The first is a list of possible activities for 2016 which any member could partake in.

The second is a completed Excel form based on the list of activities for 2016.

completed mpd form