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Geoffrey Dick         Timothy Wamboldt





Patrick Woolley is a recent transplant from Caledonia, an old Scottish settlement in Ontario beside the Six Nations reserve.  A graduate of the University of Trinty College with a B.Sc. in Surveying, he received his OLS commission in 1988.  His surveying career started in a Lead/Zinc Mine in Nanisivik, Nunavut.  He worked with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, J.D. Barnes and Marshal Macklin Monaghan before running a small town practice for 20 years in the Hamilton Area.  In the last decade, managed the Cadastral office of a Burlington Engineering firm and recently headed legal surveying for Stantec’s southwest Ontario Operations.  Pat has done other things as well.  These include being on the boards of the local Rotary Club, Victoria Park Community Homes, Hald Nor Credit Union, chambre of Commerce and the Consulting Surveyors of Ontario.  He was a long time member of the Land Division Committee and was a founding member of The Lower Grand River Land Trust and was instrumental in surveying and registering on of Ontario’s early Conservation easements.  Pat is currently employed with Nova Scotia Public Works and is always active in the local church the family has long been active in community activities including air cadets, drama groups and politics.  A long time Tiger-Cat fan he promises to change allegiance the moment Nova Scotia gets a CFL franchise.  Pat received his commission on January 10, 2024.



Natalie grew up in Tremont in Kings County, and currently resides in Halifax. She graduated from COGS in 2016, and then moved to Fredericton to complete her Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering in 2020 while also being a teaching assistant in 2019. Natalie spent her summers working for Underhill Geomatics in both Whitehorse, Yukon, and Fort St. John, BC.  Since graduating from UNB, Natalie joined the Association in 2020 and articled with Matthew Williams, NSLS #678 at DesignPoint Engineering in Bedford.  Natalie received her commission on February 20th, 2024.



Melissa grew up in Inglisville, five minutes from COGS, and still lives in the same community with her family. She attended Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) from 2003 to 2005, first obtaining a Certificate in Survey Technician and then obtaining a Diploma in Geomatics Engineering Technology. Upon graduating in 2005, Melissa was employed with Derik DeWolfe Surveying Limited (now DeWolfe & Morse Surveying Limited) until 2012.  During this time, she was a Candidate Member with the Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors, articling under Derik R. DeWolfe, NSLS #546.  From 2012 to 2014, Melissa was employed with B. Davison Surveying & Engineering Ltd. in Hants Border. Wanting to move closer to home, Melissa became employed with Dept. of Natural Resources, working as a Survey Technician in Lawrencetown. For almost seven years (from 2014 to 2021) Melissa worked on Crown land and was involved in many committees, expanding her professional development, and gaining much knowledge.  Seeking growth and a more challenging career, Melissa moved back to DeWolfe & Morse Surveying Limited. She became a Project Manager and completed all necessary exams and projects to obtain her NSLS commission. In 2023, Melissa became a 1/3 shareholder of DeWolfe & Morse Surveying Limited.  Melissa received her commission on March 19, 2024.



Connor is from Truro NS.   Worked with Dunwald and Fleming in Calgary, 2015-2016. Can-am Geomatics Corp. for the summers in Alberta and British Columbia in 2017 - 2020.  Attended UNB in 2021, for his  Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering.  After graduation, he joined the SDMM Ltd. team in 2023 and articled with Dan Gerard, NSLS #618.  Connor received his commission on March 22, 2024.



Bennett grew up in Jordan Falls, Shelburne County and now resides in Shelburne. He was educated with French Immersion 1992-2000. Took a small business management course at NSCC 2001-2002. His first exposure to surveying was in 2003, working in the seismic surveying industry with Eagle Navigation, in Edmonton, AB. Surveying piqued his interest and attended COGS from 2004-2006, graduating with Geomatics Engineering Technology. After graduation, he found employment with Can-Am Geomatics in Edmonton, AB until 2008. After returning to Nova Scotia, he joined the Department of Natural Resources and worked with Jerry Borden, NSLS #577 until 2011 and started with Raymond Pottier, NSLS #560. In 2014, Bennett joined the Association as a Candidate Member and began his articling under Raymond Pottier until he received his commission on May 14, 2024.



Cody was born in Louisdale, Cape Breton.  After high school, Cody attended STFX where he obtained an Advanced Major degree in Science. After graduation, he decided to change his education path. HIs love for the outdoors led him to discover surveying and engineering and found that it turned out to be the right decision.  Cody joined the Strum Consulting team in 2021 and  articled with Blake Beaton, NSLS #628. He spends the Spring and Summers fishing and playing baseball and golf.   Cody spends the Fall and Winters playing hockey and hunting. Cody now resides in Judique, Cape Breton with his wife Jaymee and dog Nova.  Cody received his commission on June 14th, 2024 and is happy to be part of our Association.


Edward is from Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick. He grew up working for his father at DeSaulniers Surveys Inc., surveying in the summers throughout high school. He later graduated from UNB in 1999 and received his land surveyors license in New Brunswick in 2005. Edward moved to Alberta in 2005 and worked for Focus in the oil and gas industry for 5 years, at which time he returned to New Brunswick to be closer to his family. Edward enjoys playing darts, hunting and fishing. Edward resides in Grand Bay-Westfield, with his wife Carol and 3 of their 5 kids along with their dog Pebbles and is looking forward to being part of the Association.  Edward received his commission on July 10, 2024.


Our next AGM will be at White Point, October 3 - 5, 2024
We will update you when we have more information.



No Zone Mtgs are scheduled at this time.



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NSCC COGS Industry Expo Pictures - January 22, 2024

Our Public Awareness Committee Members at the NSCC COGS Industry Expo
Wesley McNeil, NSLS #660 & Kyle Harrington, NSLS #645
Also, Past President - Raymond Pottier, NSLS #560


Many Vendors attended


 GANS often have events for anyone interested in attending. 
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